Thursday, December 5, 2013

Orb Making

Coiling and coiling, smoothing on the inside, as I go.

Looks more like a lumpy egg doesn't it?

Now that's looking better! After the form is closed I scrape it with a credit card and roll it around on my work table. It slowly become ball shaped. I set it on foam and the bottom flattens because it is still very soft. When making a closed form, remember to poke a hole in it with a needle tool.

This is a smaller one that I made the day before. I lightly covered it overnight and yesterday did more rolling and scraping. I left it uncovered all day and occasionally rolled and turned to keep it in a ball shape as it stiffened. Today I will do that to the larger orb and this one will get a coating of slip. Tomorrow the smaller one will be ready to carve.

 Here are a couple of finished orbs that were wood fired in Fred Johnston's kiln last month. The one above is about 6'' tall and the one below is 3" and is also a rattle. Both of the orbs I am working on this week will rattle, everyone likes that surprise when they pick them up.

I enjoy the meditative pace of making these and believe it or not they sell! It's not like anyone really needs an orb, they just like the way they feel and sound... meditative.


  1. I love it, you pass the meditative quality through the orb to the holder.

  2. I had no idea you coiled your orbs I would have thought you threw two pieces and put them together, lovely to see your process. I love pinching for the same meditative reasons.

  3. well there is a heap of surprises, wow! what a neat process and result!

  4. really love the ginkgo orbs - fab. I have been working on `globes` for an exhibition in June at a National Trust Property here in UK. My theme being `My conversation with nature` I was looking at maybe burnishing my latest globe and thats when I came across your work. Lovely work. Best wishes Sue.


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