Friday, January 10, 2014

And the winner is...

Michèle and Jeff! And what did they win?


But not just any light bulbs, LED light bulbs, in assorted sizes and types. The man in brown delivered them yesterday.

 During the holiday season "Lighting Science Group" was having having a daily holiday light photo contest on their facebook page. Jeff posted the photo I took of our log cabin gallery strung with lights, and we won!

This bulb (which can accommodate a clip on shade) is estimated to cost 96 cents a year to burn for 3 hours per day!

I know that most people wouldn't be as excited as we are to win light bulbs, but Jeff has been doing a lot of research on LED bulbs, and trying to find the best prices since they are rather spendy. Our goal is to replace all of our booth lighting with LED. Most shows restrict wattage and with LED's we can have more lights and be under the wattage max. We have already replaced a lot of the bulbs, but we also weren't happy with some of them (made in China). The box we won has a variety that we can try both in our display, and in the house.

Thank you "Lighting Science Group", we are loving our new bulbs!


  1. Wow! That is the best prize ever! Every time I get a payment for something I buy an led bulb. I was using but then home depot had a sale and they were cheaper and no shipping fee. Please post your thoughts, very interested.

  2. What a cool prize! I hope you keep us posted on how they work out!
    We have switched to house to CFLs for the same reason. I have 2500 watts in my plant room and am still not stressing my fixtures.We noticed the difference in electric usage almost immediately!

  3. I'm really not familiar with LED lighting. I know what it is, but wonder what kind of light it gives. I found this interesting article about their environmental impact.

    I'm still a little disappointed with the promise CFL longevity. When they first became available I bought a bunch for my solar powered house in MA. They were really expensive, but they lasted a LONG time, I think I had a couple last 6 or 8 years.

    Now that CFL's are cheaper, they don't seem to last that long.

    Anyway, I look forward to getting some and seeing the light!

  4. Michael, thanks for the link! The article stated that quality can be spotty and that is very true. Jeff bought a case of lights from a company in China (most are made in China) and they didn't last at all. The price for ordering a case was much more reasonable than buying them from Lowes or Home depot. He is going to attempt to send them back.
    The lights we received are from a Florida company, the lights are assembled in Mexico. Jeff says the parts most likely come from China.

  5. LED par 20 flood light use 8 to 12 watts to create Light similar to 50 watts worth of halogen light. so they are the perfect solution to Art Show Booth lighting with a limit of 400 watts.

    They do interfere with Radio reception if you have too many on...That's an issue for the scientist to work on.


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