Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Yesterday was off to a fabulous start. Jeff and I finished loading the kiln and the burners were lit by 12:30.

Somewhere around 600 degrees Jeff heard a "pop". Looking through the peeps he could see that a salt glazed lamp that was a re-fire, had exploded. This is the reason that re-firing things that have been hanging around makes me nervous! Thankfully he was near the kiln when it happened. He turned off the burners and we let it cool overnight.

This morning he unloaded the kiln. Cleaned up the mess. Re-loaded, and we started again. You can see the exploded culprit to the left of ginkgo vase. It sent shards up to the shelves above so I am really glad Jeff caught it.

Don't those pigs look a little nervous?

We are a day behind for our show on Saturday, but not so far behind that we won't be able to unload on Friday afternoon. Our orders will still be shipped on time.

On the family front...
My Mom has been moved from the hospital to the rehabilitation unit at a nursing home. She is still very weak but I think this will be a better place for her at this time. I think it makes her feel like she is a little closer to going home. She is happy that my brother is there. I am playing it by ear as to when I will make another trip north. So glad I made the switch to a smartphone with unlimited texting! It has made it easier for us siblings to stay in touch without constantly calling each other.
Sometimes technology is a good thing.


  1. Glad your brother is up with your mom, strange a re-fire exploded and so early in the firing. what a lot of work to load and re-load, those pigs do look nervous but hopefully they'll look happy when they come out at the end.

  2. Oh man, yeah, that terrible popping sound....

  3. We were over 600 degrees when the lamp blew.

  4. Good thing Jeff caught it and saved everything. Better to loose a day then all the piece that would have been damaged.

    Even calling people has gotten better thanks to cell phones. Remember long distance charges?


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