Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

I stepped out the door this morning and was surprised at the warm spring air. The house was chilly and I had turned up the heat, not realizing I probably could have opened a window instead.

This is my favorite time of year in North Carolina. Everything is blooming. Most of the daffodils have gone by but the petite white ones are always a little later. 

 The mahonia is looking pretty cool right now. I had never seen this plant until I moved here.

I unloaded the bisque kiln yesterday and started prepping for today's glaze marathon.
Tomorrow is firing day.

Our schedule is a little off (like that's anything new). We had an unexpected change in plans for the upcoming weeks, but I will leave that to another post.


  1. love the iris and the black dots, mahonia, thanks for mentioning it, that's something I can get to grow here; now I'm wondering what's in store for the next post.

  2. holy crap, so pretty! weather guy said there might be snow around Ithaca this week.... sigh :)

  3. I think the mahonia is actually an invasive species, but it sure is beautiful.

    I really like the flower/dots.

  4. Hope you & Jeff have a great Spring Kiln opening! It's good to be flexible :o)


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