Thursday, June 26, 2014


I finally finished my art journal pages. It really consumed me for nearly three days. I had to remind myself that I don't get paid to do this, that I needed to squeeze in some pottery making!

This journal belongs to my friend Jane Kaufmann. Her theme is "Secrets".

The artwork below is one of my favorites in the journal. It was created by Leah Murphy.

I completed two painting in watercolor batik...

How do they fit in with the theme of "Secrets"?
... it's a secret that I am not telling.


  1. I know, you secretly want to be a mermaid:-) sometimes you just have to do art for the sake of doing art, you can't get paid to do everything you love, sadly!

  2. I remember your clay mermaid orb, mermaids must have a special significance to you. what a fun artistic pursuit journaling is.

  3. awesome project, but what a very fine mermaid!

  4. The drawings look great, well worth the time.


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