Saturday, June 21, 2014

Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper

Remember the art journal project? We are about to come to the end and I decided for the last journal I wanted to try a new technique. 

Watercolor Batik

I found some tutorials online and the only thing I needed to purchase was rice paper and a new black micron pen. The technique uses hot wax and layers of watercolor so I set up my work area on the waxing table in the studio.
The basic idea is to draw your design with the micron pen on rice paper. Then starting with the lightest value, apply layers of wax and watercolor wash.

When all the shading is done the whole sheet of rice paper is coated with wax and crumpled. Then the paper is smoothed out and darker wash applied all over.

Once it's dried the wax is ironed out between newspapers and your finished design is revealed.
I actually liked it better before the wax was removed!

I was also thinking about creating some batik dyed shirts with the ginkgo design... hmmmm who knows where this will end up.

I figured it was a good first effort. Now to start work on a piece for the journal I have in my possession. The theme is "secrets"... time to get my imagination rolling.


  1. Kind of mysterious looking. I want to know what is under those leaves!

  2. very cool! I think it would look awesome on fabric as well. And speaking of batik techniques, Quasimodo Pottery here in BC, Canada, uses a batik type approach for their pottery decoration with lovely results.

  3. That is so pretty. I love batik.

  4. Lovely!Also love the colors.I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of these from you!


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