Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Garden art

This nice big pot of Jeff's came out of the kiln this week. Doesn't it look wood fired? The glaze is his ash glaze that was applied with a sprayer. Unfortunately the bottom is cracked, but it sure makes a pretty garden pot, and no need to worry about it collecting water!
We had an interesting phone call this week from the town of Carey. Back in the spring we applied for their Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival in August. They were supposed to notify you by the first of June if you were accepted. We hadn't heard so we assumed we didn't get in. The gist of the call was, "Are you still coming? We haven't received your booth fee." Evidently they had sent our acceptance via e-mail but we never received it. They re-sent the contract right away and now we have another show to do next month!

After a good night of rain the weather is MUCH cooler today. It will be a good day to do some gallery dusting and cleaning and then we have a group coming for lessons this afternoon. The day is going to fly by!


  1. nice pot, does it have texture going diagonally? Today is a good day to take a walk in the garden, you can't always trust email. Some friends of ours sent us an email about their wedding and were disappointed we didn't come. We never got it.

    it's definitely cooler here today, I'm liking it.

  2. Garden Art ? Better look into Guarding Art. You remember what happened last time. Beautiful in spite of the split.

  3. Linda, the texture is on a diagonal. It's the same design Jeff does on other pieces. There is a video on our FB page (Michele Hastings & Jeff Brown Pottery) of him carving it on a spoon jar.

    Dennis, we are slow learners... we still have big pots outside. They are just a little closer to the gallery now!

  4. Congratulations on being accepted.
    It's a kind of catch 22, you hate losing the income that a pot like that would bring but it sure is nice having an excuse to keep it. It is really beautiful.

  5. Thanks Lori! We are hoping to still sell the pot. We often get people looking for garden pots that they can keep outside. The pot looks great until you turn it upside down!

  6. Glad to hear you got a new venue, even if the process had a glitch in it. The garden pot is beautiful, and I'm sure it will sell just as it is.

  7. The colour and texture of the tall pot make it look wonderfully at home in the garden. It is strange how emails sometimes never arrive..., I wonder if they are still out there somewhere in low earth orbit!

    We really enjoyed Southern Gals, it was good fun and gave us a bit of a chuckle first thing in the morning! More seriously, I love accents and voices, and the sense of "place" and history that comes with them. I often wish that blogs had sound with them that played as the text was read, as it would be nice to actually hear the writer speaking.


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