Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer returns to North Carolina

We knew it was too good to last, but we sure enjoyed the dry, comfortable air while it lasted. The final push is on to complete work for the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair. I can't believe we will be leaving in 6 days. One kiln load is cooling, one more to fire before we go.

The humidity has made it almost impossible for things to dry. We carry things outside, carry them back in, cover with plastic, uncover... it's that hurry up and wait game that makes me crazy!
While Jeff finishes his pots for the NH trip, I have been working on pots for our show at Campbell House Gallery in September. The photo above is of two covered oval dishes waiting for the right stage to add bottoms and lids. I may actually be able to almost finish them today.

I am also working on two lady vases. They start out as a wheel thrown vase that is altered then coils added. I will take my time to avoid cracking.
Lunch break is over, I should get back in the studio. I should say drag myself out to the studio. It's very hard to leave the comfort of air conditioning!


  1. Wow! It doesn't possible that LNHC is here! Summer is passing way too quickly! I probably will give the show a miss this year. Toes crossed that I will be back next year.
    It sounds like you are going to be keeping busy (and out of trouble) for the foreseeable future!

  2. we were going to go to nh at this time on vacation to make the show but now it will be much later in the year. we actually put on the air instead of opening the windows the last two nights, I like the lady vases, they have nice curves and i mean that in a good way, how will y9ou glaze them?

  3. I imagine there are several days each summer when you rethink that move to the South.

  4. I'm also dealing with 80's and high humidity daytime, but nice and cool still at night, with windows open, here in Black Mountain, NC. I do feel for you working without a.c. Love the lady vases...great idea.

  5. It's always so much fun to play the drying game.

  6. Linda, the ladies are getting an ash glaze. I am also planning to give them some strategically placed ginkgo leaves ;-)


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