Saturday, August 16, 2014

What I did on my summer vacation...

I warned you with the title, click away now if vacation pictures will bore you to tears!

A week ago we left my sister's home and traveled south to New Haven, CT to spend time with Danielle and Jay. Jeff's friend Louise Harter lives in nearby Bethany, and on Sunday the four of us took a drive to visit her home and  pottery studio. I thought I took a couple photos of her wood kiln but when I got home I only had the bag wall! User error, still trying to get used to the camera phone. If you would like to see the whole kiln, there are photos on Robert Compton's website, just click here. Louise makes great wood fired pots and of course we brought home a new cup. We ended the day with dinner and a burlesque show at the 9th Note in downtown New Haven.  Louise and a friend met us there. The show was Danielle's idea and we all jumped on it. It was campy and fun with great costumes and pasties. The restaurant had a speak easy vibe and the food was tasty.

We were having fabulous weather so on Monday we went to Stony Creek in Branford, CT for a cruise of the Thimble Islands.

The Thimble Islands are close to shore and most are very small, only large enough to accommodate one home. There are a couple of larger islands with a cluster of homes. The homes vary from simple structures on stilts, to very large mansions.

The perfect ending to a day at seaside in New England must include lobster!

Our feast included the lobster along with, mussels, steamers, and crab cakes. We served it up with corn on the cob and a Caprese salad. The four of us were in a food coma after the meal and waddled off to bed quite early.
Tuesday it was time to hit the road. It is so hard to say good bye to Danielle and Jay, knowing it will be many months before we see each other again. Jeff and I took our time getting home, stopping in Berkeley Springs, WV for the night. I will spare you those details...
until tomorrow.


  1. oh what a trip you had, I love vacation photos, we're planning on leaving the first week of September for a trip up there, so many beautiful places to see

  2. Love seeing these. Wouldn't a house on your own little island be special! I'd be out fishing all the time! LOL

  3. WV...why do you make me wonder if there will be a banjo on a country porch in the valley of the 6 toed people....


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