Monday, August 18, 2014

Ice House Gallery

Jeff has pots in "Earth, Wind and Fire, A Celebration of Wood Fired Ceramics", an exhibition at the Ice House Gallery in Berkeley Springs, WV. When most people think of West Virginia they think of backwoods Appalachia, banjo playing, and coal mining. Berkeley Springs is the exception. It is nestled in the mountains of West Virginia, and is known as the country's first spa. The area has many warm mineral springs that have attracted vacationers from the DC area for hundreds of years. The streets are lined with beautiful inns, spas, galleries, and shops.

Jeff Brown with Crawford Horne, curator of the exhibition

Crawford Horne, wood fire potter and curator of the show, opened the gallery for us on Tuesday evening so that we could have look at the exhibition.

Jeff's big pot!

That's Blair Meerfield's teapot in the back. Allison Severance on the right. Not sure who the cup on the left belongs to.

I really liked this little jar by Allison Severence, in the left foreground. Obviously someone else did too (note the red dot).

Crawford and his wife Leigh invited us to spend the night with them at their lovely home. It was the perfect break in driving from Connecticut to Seagrove. We were back in the 'grove by 6:00 pm on Wednesday, just in time for Miss Sophie's dinner. She had lots of good care while we were gone, but we could tell that she missed us. It feels good to be home and back to making pots. 

Next up is the Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts Festival in Cary, NC. That's next Saturday - August 23rd.


  1. Welcome home...this looks like a lovely show!

  2. no rest for potters, you two are so busy; I need to check out that place in WV on my way up to NH; hopefully it's on our way.

  3. Really interesting to catch a glimpse of the show. I have only once been to a complete exhibition of wood fired pottery, there is so little of it happening down here now. I really like Jeff's big pot! It would look big even if it was only 2 inches high, it has a very lively and strong presence to it.


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