Monday, September 22, 2014

and the door is down...

Front stack, minus Jeff's re-fired tea bowls that he snuck out before the door was completely down (note empty space on bottom shelf).

The back stack... some wasted space at the top but we needed to get a sink order out as well as a few smaller orders. I haven't taken the big bowl out yet. I am waiting for Jeff to get home from his wood kiln stoking shift. I still try to baby my shoulder from extended reaches for heavy things.

I was holding my breath for this pig as a cow order. The last one came out HIDEOUS. The nuka glaze obliterated the lettering as well as the "pink" on the snout and inner ears... the black spots bubbled in many places, the underglaze was too thick.

 For the second attempt I applied white slip to the entire pig when it was leather hard. After it was bisque fired I applied the underglaze and then glazed the whole thing with Temple White. I slipped the pig because the Temple White glaze is translucent and would have made the pig look more gray than white.

I was excited but hesitant to take this piggy bank order. I thought it was a fun idea, but many underglazes burn out at ^10-11. I made it clear to the buyer that I don't electric fire and that I didn't have an underglaze that would fire to a true pink. I am happy with the final result. I hope that she is too.


  1. She should be happy, it's udderly delightful. Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun and had to be the first.

  2. I agree, pulling the top shelf from the back stack can get rough on the shoulders. Piggie looks fine to me.

  3. OMG! That is the cutest pig! You lucked out on that red,, it's perfect.

  4. That is adorable. You have to make more of those - so cute!

  5. the addition of the pink is perfect, love the pig.

  6. Looking at the awesome pieces in opening that kiln: THAT is why we are potters :)


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