Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hands in Clay

It feels so good to be at the beginning of the making cycle, seems like weeks since I have touched wet clay. We have another opportunity to put some pots in a wood firing so my mission has been to make some pots that will embrace the magic of the flame.

During the last couple of years I have only made dotted flower mugs for orders. The gray, white and blue from the gas kiln doesn't really excite me... but fired in a wood kiln is a whole different story. The blue turns a deep blue, almost black and the slip gets all toasty, marshmallow like. The last batch I put in a wood kiln had a lot cracked rims. This time I am using STARworks Michfield clay and I think I will have better results. Fingers crossed!

Here are few things that came out of Fred Johnston's wood kiln last week...

 This rattle orb is about the size of a softball. It has some nice coloring from the flames.

Remember the mermaid? She was waiting for months to be fired! She got a lot of ash over the top and I think it plays rather nicely with her oceanic hair.

Two of the porkers went into this firing. One is a little dry so he will get a second roasting either in the gas kiln or a wood firing. I am happy with this little guy. He looks like a yummy toasted marshmallow.

The morning is getting late, the sky is overcast and the air is cool. Perfect weather for studio work. Time to get out there and move some clay. Have a great day.


  1. Put that piggie in the wood kiln. We all love smoked pork.

  2. I am so looking forward to finishing up all the stuff that I keep finding and doing some new work.
    Love the rattle in particular, but it's all scrumptious!


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