Saturday, November 1, 2014

Autumn Love

 This really is my favorite time of the year. I love everything about it, especially Halloween.

Thursday night I carved my jack-o-lantern and roasted the seeds. This pumpkin head has traveled all over our little pottery compound. He has spent time on the steps of the gallery, inside the gallery, on the porch of the log cabin we live in, and lit up in the living room during the evenings. I guess I really want to get the most enjoyment from my carving efforts!

Last night was a Halloween party at a pottery down the road. Jeff and I threw together last minute costumes, not our best efforts, but we had a great time. I searched for Halloween appetizers on Pinterest and found this recipe for a spider cheese ball. I had as much fun making him as I did carving the pumpkin.

Despite the holiday fun, pots were still getting made, although not as many as there should have been. Today it's back to assembling pigs. 


  1. We had a wild and windy night. We don't get kids coming as we are so far off a rural road.
    My little witches have been traveling around the house!
    Some Spider!

  2. This year all my Halloween joy was in my imagination...didn't decorate or go to any festivities. Ah well, it was fun talking to the ancestors!

  3. Love the spider cheese ball! Really wonderful!

  4. even your food is creative, I see the black comes from black olives so maybe I would eat it. Ha.

  5. Linda, the eyes are black olives and red pepper - the body is rolled in poppy seeds... you really couldn't taste them.


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