Friday, November 21, 2014

It's Celebration Time...

The Celebration of Seagrove Potters show kicks off tonight with a preview party and an auction of collaborative pottery. The Large platter in the photo is the one that Michael Mahan, From the Ground Up Pottery, and I collaborated on. Michael threw the platter on the wheel and gave it his tree design and texture around the rim. He then delivered it to me to carve the ginkgo leaves.

When I was done, Michael, bisque fired, and then glaze fired in his kiln. I still haven't seen it in person but tonight I will get a good look at it. Keep your fingers crossed that it will bring in some big bucks!
We were able to set up our booth yesterday between 3 and 9 pm. It was such an easy set up that I keep thinking we must have forgotten to do something! I don't think the "f" word was uttered even a single time. Jeff and I were home at 7:00, and warming our soup on the wood stove.
Saturday and Sunday, Jeff will keep the gallery at home open, while I work the booth at the show. Last year it was a winning situation for us so why mess it up with a change.


  1. have a good sale I hope you get a shot of that platter and your booth

  2. On your woodstove photo a few posts below, what is behind the pot of soup?

  3. Linda, it's a cast iron steamer to add some humidity to the room.

  4. Good luck with your show. I would love to see the fired platter.

  5. Wow, that thing is HUGE, what an awesome platter, best wishes to you!

  6. Seriously I can't pour coffee without the "f" word! Hope you sold like a mad potter :).

    That platter is stunning!


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