Monday, December 22, 2014

Bring on the holidays, I think we are ready

Christmas orders have all been sent or picked up, and the little bit of holiday shopping that we do is completed. Sunday I woke up in the cooking mood. I started dough for oatmeal bread, and put the ingredients for a cream of broccoli soup, with carrots and chicken in the slow cooker. After some work in the studio I came in and baked sugar cookies. I think it had been 15 years or more since I rolled out dough and used cookie cutters to actually make cookies. When I was rolling out the dough I felt like I should be using guides to get the thickness right. I was too lazy to make a frosting for fancy decorating, so I made do with some colored sprinkles and a bag of chocolate chips that I had in the cupboard. They are a little odd looking, but they taste quite yummy.

We have a tree this year! I should probably say that Sophie has a tree. If she isn't laying down underneath it, she is attacking the skirt. At least she doesn't climb it.
I hope that your holiday preparations, be they big or small, are coming together nicely.


  1. now those are some good looking cookies, yummy chocolate goes with anything, one of these days I'll start more experimenting with other flours than wheat.

  2. I'm hoping to get some cookie baking in today or tomorrow. Thank you for sharing about the 1/2 price trees at Lowes. We got ours there last week.

  3. little raisin boobies on the gals, tee hee!

  4. Love this time of the year……. we get to kick our feet up, recharge our batteries and just take a breath and do other stuff we love. I'll take an "odd" cookie anytime :) It's a cookie!
    Have a lovely holiday Michèle :)


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