Thursday, December 4, 2014

it's good to have a handy man...

or woman.

Especially when things break. Last night our elderly, manual, electric kiln quit prior to reaching our bisque temperature. Jeff has taken the controller apart and found the problem... a melted wire. Why do these things all happen at crunch time? Jeff has spare parts from past kilns and he is trying to repair it today. We can always bisque in the gas kiln, but this one is already loaded! It could be that these pots would be fine to glaze at this temperature. We can't take that chance since most of the load is orders, including two vessel sinks.

Keep you fingers crossed that he can fix it without having to order parts.


  1. What a bummer Hope it fixed easily!

  2. omg, vessel sinks, hope it all works out, murphy is everywhere when he isn't wanted.

  3. I feel your pain. The metal band around the lid rusted completely through on the last firing. I had to replace the band before opening the lid to unload!

  4. Something weird is happening to potters all over. It seems that every potter I know is having kiln problems.
    Toes crossed that Jeff gets everything squared away and firings go well.
    @ Mr. Young, those FB photos were scary!


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