Saturday, December 6, 2014

Off to a good start...

I don't bake a whole lot, it's not really my thing... unless it's a yeast bread and that's another story. This morning there were two bananas in the fruit bowl that were past their prime for eating so I decided to make banana muffins. My favorite new recipe is banana, blueberry, and oats. All of my favorites in one muffin. They aren't overly sweet either, just 1/2 cup of sugar. I have used paper liners when baking, but next time I think I will grease the muffin tins instead. These are very moist and they do stick to the paper. I found the recipe on line and if you are interested, you will find it here.

Today will be spent glazing and loading the gas kiln. It should go quickly because it's all orders and there will be no time spent on glaze decisions. I have a list that I will be checking off. Jeff has two sinks that I will give him a hand with. They always make me a little nervous, but it's getting easier with each one we do together.

I love how the tenmoku pigs look with their nuka dots before they are fired. When he comes out of the kiln the dots are quite subtle. I'll post an after photo when he makes his debut from the kiln.
Wishing everyone a happy Saturday.


  1. The muffin and pottery photo is rustically awesome. The muffins look so good. I love using bananas in baking. When bananas get really ripe, I peel them and put them in a freezer bag. They stay good up to 3 month in the freezer.

    Piggy looks sweet in his glaze coat. I especially like the dots on the ears :)

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. the middle photo is wonderful, love the mug and tray with the muffin

  3. I love how some pots look between glazing and firing, something about those soft colors.

    I'm Drinking coffee out of one of your mugs right now, I wish I had a muffin to enjoy with it.


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