Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Back to pots...

My end of year paperwork is completed and I have emerged from my cave. Now it's time to restock the Etsy shop and get back to making pots. The dining table is once more converted into a photo taking set up. Last night I spent some time with it.

Remember the mugs that were supposed to have white dots? I have decided that I do like them in blue.

Another fishy bank is in the Etsy shop. This one is a little different design.

I can't seem to get away from making these dotted flower mugs. I had an order for one, so of course I made a few. I really do enjoy making these, although I prefer them wood fired. The good thing about this glaze and slip combo is that it is very consistent, it always behaves! If it happens to be in a cold spot in the kiln, it re-fires very nicely.

 Now that I have emerged from the cave, I do wish the sun would shine.


  1. beautiful work, one cool fishy, what is the white glaze? Yeah I wish the sun would shine, it's very foggy here today.

    1. The white glaze on the fishy is a "nuka" glaze... not a true nuka, because it isn't made with rice ash.
      The glaze on the dotted mugs is called "Temple White". It's really almost a clear glaze. The original formulation is whiter.

  2. Great fish...wonder what his flat tail might look like...??

  3. Barbara, if you click on the photo it will take you to Etsy where you can see the fishy bank from other angles.


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