Saturday, February 28, 2015


Jeff brought one of his large wood fired pots into the house to be photographed. It was in the kitchen, standing next to the center island. I was cooking dinner and he asked me to pass one of the bar stools over to him. When I picked up the stool, the leg hit the vase.

It seemed like it rolled over in slow motion, with me not being able to do anything about it. It hit the floor and shattered.

I cried.

I try not to cry when favorite (or very expensive) things get broken, because objects shouldn't be anything to cry over. Looking at the broken vase on the floor, all I could think of was the time and talent it took to create this giant beauty, and then the labor of a five day wood firing. Yes, I did think of the $1200 that it would sell for.

Jeff hugged me tight and said, "Just be glad it wasn't a sink".

I still had that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I saw the shards out on the porch this morning.


  1. Oh how sad...grieving time for a beautiful creation...and then the time will come to let it go. Accidents happen. Being part of them makes it harder. Hugs.

  2. omg what a bummer, that's a hard one to take for sure

  3. That's a tragic loss but thanks for not asking what kind of glue to use.

  4. I always tell students or anyone who is around pottery, you will break one. It happens. It just hurts more when someone else was the maker.
    Was it outside, outside? This cold weather could have had an effect on it.

    1. It was in the kitchen waiting to be photographed. I have only myself to blame :-(

      Jeff took the shards outside, so I could vacuum up all the little sharp pieces. It is way harder to break someone else's work.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about this. It is awful to break someone elses work or something that you care about and cherish. Unfortunately in a second, accidents and stupid things happen, and can't unhappen. That is life which is hard. the good thing is neither of you was hurt and that is the important thing.

  6. You are a talented and creative girl. Make a mosaic or something else beautiful with the shards. Keep it around to remind yourself of the impermanence of life.... When we had a porcelain kitchen sink, Gerry broke one of my favorite things almost every week, he went through a whole set of my grandmother's china. I got over the crying, but I would miss the piece he broke for days. He is still breaking things , but I keep him around, just let him wash the dishes less and less, haha!


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