Monday, March 2, 2015

Yearning for Spring

I was browsing through photos yesterday and came across this one, take on March 1, 2011...

The tulip tree did not look like this on March 1, 2015! There are a few fuzzy buds and that's it. We are expecting warmer temperatures this week, even a possibility of 74 degrees. In between those warm days it is still expected to drop into the 20's overnight.

 Despite the struggle to keep warm and dry, some pots have been made and bisque fired. Yesterday I got all the underglaze applied and wiped down.

Today we will glaze and start loading the kiln. My glazing will be straightforward... mostly nuka glaze and the usual assortment of piggy bank color combinations. There are a few sinks for this firing. Jeff and I do those together. I pour the glaze and he does the turning, dumping, and dipping. It's sort of a dance that we have choreographed quite well. It can get messy, so we like to set up our dance outside. Looks like we picked a good day for it.


  1. I love glazing outside in nice weather. It’s freeing to not have to worry about drips and the sunshine helps it to dry quicker.
    I’d love to see your glaze dance.

  2. I to am so glad it warmed up but I think thursday we are supposed to dip back again, these swings are hard on the plants I think. I noticed the other day my fruit trees have tiny buds swelling; I didn't think to check our tulip tree I'll have to check the next time I'm out there. Have fun glazing.

  3. Sun and warmth were so much appreciated today and even yesterday. It gives me hope.

  4. It was a nice day for it. I was so glad to get outside some myself.

  5. Dancing whilst glazing would cheer the whole process up!
    I was thinking "magnolia" when I saw your first photo, but I am now a "5 minute expert" thanks to wikipedia, and I see that tulip trees and magnolia are all in the same family! Having something as beautiful as that come into flower early in Spring must be a joyful reminder that warm days are just round the corner and the garden will soon be madly growing, flowering, and demanding attention! It is interesting that the tulip tree is so slow to come to flower this year. Where we are in the Southern part of NZ our seasons seem to be losing their "edges", and the plants get muddled not knowing when to start up for the growing season, and when to shut down!


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