Thursday, March 12, 2015

Glazing for a Wood Firing

Jeff and I have the opportunity to put pots in David Stuempfle's wood kiln, and help with with the firing.  At the last minute Jeff suggested I make a few square bowls using STARwork's Seagrove Clay. I kept the decoration simple. Stamps but no underglaze or slip. I hadn't used the fish stamp in a long time. Maybe it's time for it to go back into the rotation.

Since there won't be time to bisque fire, these will go into the kiln raw. Liquid wax was applied to the rims and handles and then the interiors coated with Albany slip.

 A few weeks ago I had thrown some vases and pitchers with the Seagrove clay. I had time to slip, dot, and bisque fire those pieces.

It's hard to believe that the pots above will come out of the kiln looking (hopefully) like the mugs below!

The magic of the kiln.


  1. These are earthy and elegant. I'm looking forward to firing results!

  2. Those mugs! Please share the results of the firing.

  3. gorgeous before and after, have a great firing :)

  4. Have fun with it, I'm looking forward to seeing the pots when they are finished.


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