Monday, March 16, 2015

Through the Fire Box

Jeff was on the late night stoking shift, at the wood kiln, and snapped this awesome photo with his phone! I especially like the "hot" lady sculpture and the face jug, grinning in the heat.

While Jeff was on kiln duty, I worked in the studio, then settled in for the evening with a dinner of leftovers, while streaming "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I am not sure if I had ever seen the movie in it's entirety! I enjoyed it, but found the stereotypical portrayal of Holly Golightly's Japanese neighbor rather appalling. There is also lots of littering in the movie. Every package that's opened and cigarette put out, is tossed carelessly to the ground. Those are just some of my pet peeves and perhaps I noticed them more because of it. I just might stream some more classics when I get the time. Readers, if you have recommendations, please post in the comments!

Our "Mugs for Moving" campaign continues. Thank you to EVERYONE who has ordered a mug. Jeff and I decided to add a give away to the fun. When the campaign ends (probably late spring), we will choose one contributor at random, that will receive a collaboration pot from us. We haven't decided what it will be, but are bouncing around a few ideas.
Click on this link to place an order: "Mugs for Moving"

All mugs will be shipped by late summer 2015


  1. great shot of the firing; hope I get to see that hot lady sculpture when it's out of the kiln, a collaboration pot sounds like a great giveaway;

    when I hitch hiked through Mexico in the 70s I was mortified at those picking up litter along the baja hwy, they picked it up and tossed it over the wall in the desert, the wind was sure to blow it all back on the road, talk about job security. ha

  2. Great photo! I have never actually seen inside a ceramic oven, looks extremely hot!

  3. tee hee, a ceramic oven.....and extremely hot there is probably about 2000 degrees!

  4. Great shot.
    "Breakfast at Tiffany's" must have been made before the campaigns against pollution.


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