Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Getting Primed

It felt more like Labor Day than Memorial Day. Yesterday we got almost all the cabinets primed. Today we will rip off the countertop on the outside wall to make priming the interior of those cabinets easier. We are leaving the interior of the cabinet over the wall oven green! It was the only one that was green, and it looks like the cabinet was never used. We will put the doors back on that cabinet. It will be a good one for storing baking pans. All of the lower cabinets are getting their doors back on. Some of the uppers we will leave off so that we can show off our handmade dishes.

Today we will unload the kiln and ship pots. Then it's back to the house to put a coat of real paint on the cabinets. No funky colors. We are playing it safe with "Churchill Hotel Vanilla". I can't wait for this project to be done so we can move in! Sunday night we slept in the guest bedroom. It's the only room with some furniture right now. It felt so good to wake up in our own home and enjoy coffee on the patio.

I just need to be a little more patient!!!! We are almost there.


  1. looking good, If it's named after Churchill it has to be elegant.

  2. Breathe deeply, put your head down and dive back in.

  3. How fabulous it will look soon. So glad you're already enjoying the comfort side of your new home too!

  4. It’s looking great. You all are working so hard, good job.

  5. You are so busy, what with potting and..... doing the kitchen! Good that you are able to work on the kitchen together, it will be lovely when finished. The "contraption" in one of the kitchen cupboards that you photographed a couple of posts ago, is interesting.... I was thinking of large scale rat trap when I saw the flap and springs..... :). We once rented a tiny house that had a vertical ladder leading down into the basement from inside an innocent looking cupboard in the kitchen.. It was fun to use it, rather like something on a submarine!

    Sorry to read about your father in the previous post, I do hope that he is recovering from surgery and stroke.

  6. I would love to have all those cabinets! Can't wait to see the finished project.


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