Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's always something

What a week it has been. We are trying to keep up with studio work and complete our kitchen rehab so that we can move by the end of next week. Wednesday, I got a call from my sister. Dad fell and broke a hip. He had partial hip replacement surgery late in the day Thursday. Friday morning he had a stroke. His right side is week and his speech is slurred. It's a wait and see thing now. This is when I really hate being so far away. I just want to pack my suitcase and buy a plane ticket to New Hampshire. 

Enough of the depressing side of things, how about some cheery celadon?

 Two different Highwater porcelains with the same glaze. Notice how much darker the cup is? I think that must be the P-10. The plate is Helios.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, I hope the weather where you are, is as nice as it is here Seagrove, NC.


  1. Sorry about your dad, hope it all goes well for him. Both pieces are nice, the darker one seems to enhance the carving.

  2. Hope that all goes well for your dad! Being far away when loved ones are ill is such a helpless feeling.
    Both celadons are beautiful, but I'm with Linda in thinking that the mug shows your carving more successfully.
    Oh happy moving day!

  3. Good luck to your Dad. Good luck to you too.

  4. The more celadon, the better :) So sorry to hear about your dad, your week, gosh!

  5. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about your dad, sending him virtual healing energies. And I love both renditions of your celadon...good luck on your move. Sending some virtual big young guys to help with that too! What, you need some real ones? Well, I hope you have some of them as well!

  6. Sorry about your Dad. It sounds like he was in the hospital when he had the stroke. Hopefully they were able to give him rapid treatment to help lessen the damage of the stroke. He's included in my prayers for a good recovery.

    The porcelain pieces are lovely. I like the Helios plate. It's very silky an feminine. Love the little flowers :)

  7. Oh no, I’m so sorry about your dad. It’s so hard being so far from elderly parents.

  8. Very sorry to hear about your dad! It's hard to be so far away. Until Thursday, I though we were moving to Missouri where my parents live. As much as I didn't want to move, the idea of being near them made me happy. All good thoughts coming your way and to your dad! (LOVE those green pots too. Gary can attest to my love of green glaze.)


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