Friday, May 29, 2015


I have been thinking about making luminaries for quite some time. About two years ago I made a small one, but didn't do a good job sanding the edges of the cut outs. They were much to sharp so it got the hammer. How about that crawly shino on the left? Rather scary! We aren't sure why, but we had a few pots in this firing with the creepy crawly shino.

 The luminaries are about 6" tall. 

There is a little cutout in the back of the jug to insert the tea light.

Dad update: He is still in the hospital. They aren't sure when they will move him to the rehab center. The day before yesterday he began hallucinating and has been delirious ever since. The vascular doctor ordered an ultrasound to see if his carotid artery was blocked. All they could see was a little calcium, which he doesn't think would cause this. So we are all still waiting. 


  1. beautiful luminaries, that crawly shino I got once when I was at the college, strange indeed, change in routine and lack of sleep in hospitals can affect patients, hope your dad improves

  2. I loved the cutout design, and confess I didn't see that it was a cat until your label appeared. Maybe with candlelight behind it I would have seen it. Hope your dad is better.

  3. Those are very nice. I just started making them again last fall. They aren’t as easy as they look.

  4. Cool luminaries.
    I'm so sorry that your dad is not improving. You must feel particularly helpless with not being able to be there. Keeping you in my thoughts.

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