Monday, June 1, 2015

Cousins in Clay

 Jeff and I took a much needed break on Sunday and went over to Bulldog Pottery's "Cousins in Clay". This is an annual event that they host at the end of May. Along with Samantha and Bruce Henneke's stunning work, there are guest potters from various parts of the country. A special treat this year was Henry Crissman's mobile anagama kiln. Many potters from the Seagrove area had a few pots in the kiln. Each of us donated one pot to help raise money for the Dwight Holland Scholarship Fund. The scholarship gives assistance for ceramic students to be able to attend the North Carolina Pottery Conference.
 The firing is quite short. I think it was about 8 hours and reached cone 11.

The day was gorgeous and sunny, which also meant it was really hard to take photos with a phone. I was sort of shooting blindly! I was happy with all three of my pots, but this is the only one I got a photo of.
Tomorrow I should have some house makeover pics. Things are coming along nicely. I also have good news about my Dad! He was moved to the intensive rehab facility and is doing much better. His brain is pretty much cleared up... no more hallucinations. This place is keeping him busy. Therapy three times a day and they take him to the dining room to eat meals. He can now stand with a walker to move from the bed to a wheelchair. I hope that he will regain his mobility eventually.
That's it for now, check back tomorrow for more house blogging. Happy Monday!


  1. yeah for your dad and that's a great pot, a mobile anagama, wow, how cool

  2. Lovely pot from the mobile anagama. I don't see a fire box, so was it gas fired? Good news for your dad. Keep on plugging along on the of these days you'll be all finished and wonder what to do with yourself...right!

    1. In an anagama the firebox is in the front. In the photo of Samantha taking a photo, you can see where plywood was laid down so that Henry could crawl in and unload. It was fueled with wood.

    2. Ho boy, how cool is that, and cone 14 with wood in a quick DAY?

    3. Just cone 11... still pretty good for 8 hours!

  3. I mobile wood kiln! Now you’ve got me thinking.

  4. It sounds as though your Dad is doing lots better. So glad for you. Looking forward to seeing the next chapter of the new house!


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