Monday, July 27, 2015

Firing Frenzy

We glazed and loaded the kiln on Thursday and started firing early Friday morning. While that was happening, Jeff loaded the bisque kiln and fired that overnight.

We had work for the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair, which starts next Saturday (EEK!) and a few vessel sink orders that need to be completed before we head north.

While the gas kiln cooled, we glazed the pots from the bisque kiln. Last night we reloaded the kiln while it was still quite hot. A fan helped to take the edge off of the heat.

In between the hard work, we have taken some time to enjoy the multitude of butterflies that enjoy the apples that have started to drop from the trees.

This little butterfly, with a half eaten wing, stayed attached to the apple when Liz picked it up. I guess it is fearless and perhaps that is why half of it's wing is missing!


  1. what a marathon, I can't get my butterflies to stay put long enough to take their photo, hum I might have to put out some fruit for them.

  2. That's a Red Spotted Purple - great butterfly! Good luck at the Fair!

  3. Yes, red spotted purple. Look for the swallow tails and Spice bush. You need a buttery fly garden at your house.

  4. Have a great week at the fair.

  5. I would have *guessed* a black swallowtail... great pic!


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