Thursday, July 9, 2015


It feels so good to be back home in North Carolina! I was glad to be able to help out with my Dad and see that he is improving a little bit each day, but I did miss my home. We hurried and got most things unpacked before Danielle arrived and then I was off to New Hampshire. Today I am finally getting around to sharing photos of the two rooms that we have had their facelifts completed.

The sea foam green bathroom is now painted a light gray. I bought two identical shower curtains from IKEA. I was able to make a window curtain for the shower window and a curtain to cover the "knee hole" under the sink. Eventually we will replace the vanity with a more modern one, but for now I think the curtain is an attractive way to hide the basket of cleaning products that is under there. We are still searching for a light fixture for over the mirror. Luckily there is a ceiling light and it works just fine for the interim.

 The kitchen transformation is amazing for us! All that is left to do is to put up a couple of pieces of trim around the window. I am having a little trouble adjusting to no cabinet doors on a few of the uppers. I keep trying to close them and I am constantly rearranging because I feel it looks a little cluttered. Jeff loves it. We still have the doors, and they are sanded and ready to paint if we change our minds. I painted the backsplash wall aqua to break up the vanilla.

We have temporary knobs on right now. Jeff is making wheel thrown, stoneware knobs. We haven't decided on the color yet. Right now we have one glazed in shino. We are leaning towards our nuka glaze.

We haven't done anything in the dining room aside from a good scrubbing. You may remember from a previous post, that the wall to the right is a Japanese cherry tree, wallpaper mural. I am just happy that our dining table will no longer be the photo shoot set up!

I went right back to work yesterday making pots and getting ready for the next show. We head to New Hampshire in three weeks for the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair. We will be doing the first four days of the show, you'll find us in tent five, booth 521.


  1. Welcome looks lovely! Golly, you never rest! I'm impressed!

  2. Kitchen is looking good. Bathroom is looking better. A bathroom is a real bitch to remodel. For Christmas, I fixed my daughter's bathroom light problem by building a long shallow 3 sided box out of melamine board and putting some electrical boxes in it so I could mount sconces that she liked.We wired it up and screwed it to the wall and against the ceiling.Works great, looks good.

  3. looking good; clever use of the shower curtain, I love that built in cabinet in the dining room, if I designed a kitchen from scratch I'd have some open shelves too and one of those contraptions to hang pots on so they'd be handy when I need them;

  4. The house looks great. The natural light in the dining room is lovely!

  5. Welcome back to the hot humid south! Your bathroom looks identical to my mother in laws. Sea foam green was all the rage back in the day, I suppose :)

  6. WOW, you have done SO much with your house :)

  7. You two have been working hard! It all looks beautiful.


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