Friday, August 28, 2015

Working Out. . . . side

We are enjoying some fabulous weather here in Seagrove, NC. Warm days, cool nights. Windows open and A/C off. Perfect days to glaze pots outdoors.

 I don't usually make face jugs. I am not really even a fan of them. A few months ago, while making luminaries, I turned one into a face jug. It's been sitting on a ware board all summer, waiting for glaze.

I brushed this creepy guy with red iron oxide and wiped most of it off. He was then dipped in shino and dusted with wood ash. He has copper red dripping from his ears and dotted on his eyeballs. I went all out "Halloweeny" on him. Perhaps seeing all the candy corn that is already on the store shelves inspired me. It's now up to the kiln to enhance his creepiness.

The last of the "Mugs for Moving" are glazed and ready to fire. If you are still waiting for yours, you'll be getting it soon! Thanks again to all who helped us out.


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