Monday, February 27, 2017

Ash Glaze Love

Jeff and I unloaded the kiln the day before I flew off to New Hampshire. I had no time to spend with any of my new pots. We unloaded, I sanded to feet of many piggy banks, then shipped them off to their new homes. When I came home my first task was to assemble pigs for the next round of orders.

This evening I decided it was finally time to photograph and take a closer look at my new pots.

I think I am finally getting consistent with spraying ash glaze. I was happy with all of the pots I sprayed. I think my bottle forms lend themselves nicely to the ash glaze.

 I asked Jeff to throw some of his wine coolers/spoon jars and let me carve them. I am really excited about these. Hopefully others will be too, so that we can do more!

 This mug was an experiment... one I am very happy with the results! I used the impressed leaf and slip resist that Jeff and I have both used in wood firing. The interior is glaze in tenmoku and the exterior is the sprayed ash. I am happy with the contrast, and can't wait to be able to do some with Japanese maple leaves... and not have to wait for a wood firing to finish them.

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