Sunday, February 12, 2017

Heading North

 The daffodils are blooming...

along with our tulip tree (aka as Japanese Magnolia).

 We are enjoying temps in the 70's this weekend. I am loving every minute of it, because in a few days I am heading to the winter wonderland of New Hampshire.  They had two major snowstorms last week, and are expecting a Nor'easter today, into tomorrow. The coast is expecting up to two feet of snow. Of course that is where my Dad lives! I typically don't plan a trip to New Hampshire in the middle of winter, but on February 15th my Dad will be 90 years old! We will all gather at my sister Anita's home in Wolfeboro for a big family dinner. I am very excited to see everyone, especially my girl Danielle. She will arrive from Connecticut on Friday evening to spend the weekend.

I will be in New Hampshire for a week. Staying Wednesday to Wednesday gave me the best price on a flight, only $150 - because who in there right mind flies north in February? Time to dig out the UGGS & mittens!


  1. Hope your trip is a good one. Though this weekend was awesome, I wish the temps would stay a bit lower for a bit, to give the fruit a chance (not bloom, only to be hit by another hard frost).

  2. Bon Voyage, y'all. Going to Yankee country...gotta take the south in your pocket too! Enjoy the family!

  3. Have a safe and enjoyable trip, and I'm sure the chill of the snow will quickly be forgotten as the family gets together to celebrate your father's 90th birthday!


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