Thursday, February 23, 2017

Home again...

I have arrived back in North Carolina, from my New Hampshire trip. It feels great to be back home and to sleep in my own bed. I had a great time, the highlight being our family party for Dad's 90th.

Arianna was very excited about her Great Pepere's birthday.

There was a point where we thought the cake might melt if he didn't blow out those candles quickly.

Arianna gave her Pepere a great big hug for blowing out all his candles in one breath. Not bad for 90.

All but two of my nieces, along with their significant others, came for the celebration. One niece was a day overdue to deliver a new baby, the other lives in Philadelphia and couldn't get away from work. We "older folks" enjoyed seeing the cousins catch up with each other. Most don't see each other on a regular basis. When the weekend was over, Dad and I headed back to his apartment in Dover to spend a few quiet days together. 

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  1. It sounds like a perfectly lovely trip. Too funny about the cake almost melting :).


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