Sunday, April 16, 2017

Handmade - Pottery and Fusion Food

 I recently made a trip to the Korean supermarket in Greensboro and came home with some of our favorite things. We were long overdue for an Asian meal.

I decided it would be a Japanese/Korean fusion meal. In the afternoon I made onigiri (Japanese rice balls). At Jeff's suggestion, each had a little dab of Korean soybean paste (Korean version of miso) in the center. The sticky rice was cooked with diced carrot, lotus root, and bits of fried tofu. I substitute chicken broth for dashi. The liquid is also seasoned with soy sauce and sake. They are time consuming to assemble, but are worth the effort. Hopefully with practice, mine will get more attractive looking!

Our main course was bulgogi beef dish with sliced rice cake. I love Korean rice cake. It's like a dense and chewy pasta. It holds up well to spicy foods. We chose our handmade dishes carefully, selecting those made by potters from both Korea, and Japan.

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  1. That sounds delicious and looks beautiful with your pottery.


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