Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Team Building

 Jeff and I have the BEST job!

 Last Saturday we had a group of women who are Mary Kay Beauty Consultants, come to our studio for a team building event.

They dug right into the clay and were fast learners. 

Despite the serious faces in the photos... these women know how to have fun! They had us in stitches for much of their session.

At the end of their time with us they each had 2-4 nice looking little pots that we will fire for them. They each chose their favorite glazes from our selection and are looking forward to coming back to pick them up.
If you are interested in scheduling an event for your small group, we can accommodate 6 guests, click here for more information: Pottery Lessons


  1. Definitely a good time had by all...really worthwhile

  2. That does sound like fun for everyone.


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