Monday, May 29, 2017


Day three of "grill-a-pa-looza" weekend was wonderful! Jeff barbecued pork belly for samgyeopsal. The meat is sliced in strips, then cut into smaller pieces with scissors. Rice and pork belly is placed on lettuce or perilla leaves, rolled up, and eaten in one bite. We are not very good at the one bite tradition! I also made a version of the traditional dipping sauce, ssamjang. The ssamjang is salty sweet, with just a little heat from gochujang. If you are wondering about the scissors, they are used for cutting the pork belly... no knives on the traditional Korean table!

One of the greatest joys of being a pottery collector, is choosing just the right dish when serving food. I particularly enjoy it when we cook Asian influenced meals. So many little dishes filled with sauces, vegetables, and rice. While many of our pots go into the dishwasher, most of these get hand washed, which gives me the opportunity to spend extra time with each one. I always hope that our pots go to homes where they are used, either for everyday meals or reserved for special occasions... no matter which, as long as they are enjoyed.

P.S. We had a little bit of kimchi in the fridge, and I bought a small jar at the grocery store. Not as good as Jeff's homemade, but we made do!


  1. I love choosing and using my pottery dishes too. They're certainly used in our home. Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Yes, it is such a joy to serve good food on a beautiful, handcrafted piece of pottery. I makes for a fun and interesting table setting too.

  3. You get to eat and cook such interesting fare! So glad to see how it looks on beautiful too, eating on lots of pretty things!


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