Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Large Platter Project

 This was installation week for Jeff's platter project at the Belle Meade Retirement community in Southern Pines, NC. The resort community is undergoing a dining room renovation and Jeff was commissioned to create sixteen, 16" platters to be hung on two walls.

Hanging these was not an easy job. It took Jeff about a day and half to complete the installation. These are heavy platters and needed to be securely attached to the walls.

The design team was great to work with and the sub-contractors on site were always helpful.

Jeff is planning to go back for a final photo shoot once the furniture is installed.


  1. Beautiful! So glad to see pottery hanging on walls as decoration.

  2. The display looks beautiful. I can imagine how difficult it was to hang them well. I’m looking forward to seeing the final photo shoot.


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