Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summers Bounty

 We've got blackberries...

Loads of them! The original owner of our home planted them many years ago. They were all over grown in the back portion of our land. Jeff has gone out and whacked the weeds and brush a number of times over the past two years. This season they have really taken off.

We went out during the sweltering heat on the Fourth of July and picked a good size bowl full. There will be plenty more in the days to come. The downside of blackberries are thorns and bugs. I pretty much suited up in long pants, tall boots, and bug spray. The boots were my "snake protection". I will admit to being a little afraid of snakes, more so the poisonous variety.

Jeff has planted a couple blueberry bushes this year. It will be a few years before we have enough to really do some picking, and we are really looking forward to it. Our goal for next year is to be able to have our vegetable garden out there too.


  1. Those look terrific. We had our first good crop of blueberries last year, it’s wonderful to eat what you grow.

  2. It was my habit lots of years to pick wild blackberries on the 4th of July, as they are usually at their peak on this piece of land. I didn't do that this year, but am glad yours are producing for you. I canned blueberry lime jam this morning, and hope to try blueberry lavender jam next week. Love the summer berries!

    1. Blueberry lavender jam sounds wonderful! I don't know that happened but our lavender died this summer. It did great all winter and spring.

  3. Super looking blackberries! I used to wander around an old quarry in FL where the bushes grew wild...wonder if I worried about bears and snakes...probably.


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