Thursday, July 20, 2017

We are still here...

I haven't checked in for awhile. We are still here and working hard for the final push to get to our biggest show of the year next month. Jeff threw fifty mugs the other night. He decided that I would pull the handles on all of the straight sided mugs and he would do the altered mugs. I was very hesitant about putting my handles on his mugs. He wasn't concerned a bit. I tried my best to make them look more like his. In the end they were a combination of the two!

Aside from pottery work, we are really enjoying our land this year. We have quite a few tomato plants that are just starting to give us fruit, and along with the herbs and flowers, we feel like we are super fortunate. Most of our gardening is still happening in the front yard, but Jeff has spent many evenings reclaiming the over grown back acre. Last evening Jeff took me out back to show me the maypops that are blooming out there.

This is a southern climbing vine that I was not familiar with until we moved to this house. It's also known as purple passion flower. It produces a small egg sized fruit... Jeff says it tastes like bubblegum!


  1. I love passion flowers. The fruit really is lovely, if they ripen before frost, which doesn't always happen on our land. Hope you get some to taste!

  2. Great handles! And such fun to find a beautiful new flower/fruit.

  3. good handles! Welsh, clustiau...ears.

  4. life is just busy! It's all good, right?


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