Monday, October 30, 2017

Rules were meant to be broken?

The "No Drying Pots In The House" rule has been broken once again...

These make me laugh. Don't they look like they are at the hair salon getting a color?

I ordered a bag of these elastacized platic bowl covers to see if they would work in the studio. We have been trying to keep rims from drying out too quickly. Jeff cut a whole out of the center to allow the bottom to dry. We really wanted them for larger platters and bowls but they don't stretch to size they were advertised to. They were less than four dollars. If we don't find them functional in the studio we will use the rest of them in the kitchen.

We have a lot of pots to get fired in the next three weeks. After that I am sure it will be the mad dash for last minute piggy bank orders.

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