Tuesday, November 14, 2017


It's getting down to the wire for the Celebration of Seagrove Potters. Today I have been working on all the little things that need to be done to the pots. None of it is glamorous, but it's still important stuff. In the morning I worked on polishing the bottoms of pots from the last firing. After that I moved on to printing some tags.

 We added foaming soap pumps to the offering. I can tell the difference between the pumps but I don't think most buyers will. I created tags for the foamers, to make it easier for buyers to choose. When the booth is busy, there isn't as much time to answer question.

The cheese stones got tagged. The backside of the tag has "instructions for use." I wish I had more of these for the show, but they just didn't fit in the kiln. That's the downside for flat items. They are space hogs. The upside is, we will have more fired for our holiday open house in December.

My afternoon job was lino-block printing our large handled bags. I didn't do as many as usual. The upside of this show is that many people bring there own bags, baskets, and even little wheeled carts. I really don't go through a lot of bags.
Tomorrow we start boxing things up for the 1/2 mile trip down the road on Thursday.


  1. good inspiration with the bags...looks great!

  2. I hope this is the best year ever!

  3. Oh you are so professional, I'm impressed. Says the one who just uses grocery store bags for sales still...but then I'm an admitted hobby potter. Strange that an artist can admit that, but it must be true. Just like accepting middle age spread into old age what? Good luck on show and sales!


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