Saturday, January 20, 2018

Happiness is...

A warm studio!

Jeff installed a gas line and this new heater, in the studio this week. The propane company delivered the the tank and did a pressure test yesterday. We were so afraid that the snow storm would delay our delivery date and we're very thankful that they arrived on time. Of course the temps for the next few days will be  50-60 degrees! Winter is far from over and we are now ready for the next cold spell.

It seemed like a treat to work in a warm studio. It was 69 degrees in no time at all!

These are some lunch size plates that I have been working on. They are modeled after Jeff's coaster design. I will glaze them the same way. Ash glaze sprayed in the center, un-glazed rims. This is STARworks East Fork clay. The rims will be a warm toasty color.

I almost put handles on them, but at the last minute decided against it. Maybe the next round will get handled.


  1. Yay for Jeff, and for having a warm studio.

  2. Nice work.
    I'm considering a small woodburner in my studio..I don't think I could manage working in a cold studio any more!!

  3. Congrats on stove. I'm turning my heat down inside 'cause the elec. bill for last month was a shocker! Wearing more clothes! The community studio was not very comfortable on coldest days unfortunately.


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