Monday, January 8, 2018

Looking back on 2017

I won't mince words.
The 2016 Presidential election wore me out. The results definitely had an affect on how often I had the energy, or inspiration, to write a blog post. After the inauguration in January, 2017, I took some time to sort things out and then got back to work. In between the ginkgo leaves and piggy banks, I worked on this...

The "Radical Moose - Lamb"

Inspired by Melissa McCarthy's first SNL skit of a Sean Spicer press conference.

Since I have created many sheep sculptures, I knew right away that I had to make a "radical moose lamb".
It took me a long time to complete and even longer to get it fired. So long that it may have lost it's relevance to a larger audience. Nevertheless, I am happy with the piece.
If you missed the sketch, or need a refresher to understand the "moose lamb", you can watch it here:


  1. Oh those skits were wonderful! And your moose lamb is exactly what it should be! Good job reminding me of what we've been through (a bit of it anyway) this last year.

  2. you and me both...for presidential election read brexit....


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