Thursday, February 8, 2018

Share the Etsy Love

Jeff and I have worked hard at creating successful Etsy shops. We couldn't have done it without all the Etsy shoppers who are willing to take a chance purchasing something online, from craftspeople who live across the country or around the world from them. I have always felt that the universe gives back to you what you put in.

Since joining the Etsy community, I now go there first when shopping for gifts. I like to support other makers and Etsy makes it easy to make a purchase and have it shipped directly to the recipient. You now even have the option of writing a personalize gift note that the seller can print and include in the package! Etsy is also a great place to shop for yourself.
Which is what I did last week...

Since we moved into the house at 505, I had been wanting to do something with this blank space on the side of the wall oven. My first thought was to paint the whole wall with chalkboard paint, but that would have been too dark for my taste. The other thought was to cork board it, but then it would start to look cluttered. I found this chalkboard from the SignsofWisdom1 Etsy shop and they offered it with a turquoise stain. The size and color are perfect. The back wall between the cabinets and counter are painted in a similar turquoise.

When we are getting low, or run out of something, Jeff and I always say, "put it on the list".
Now we have a real place for the "List".

Speaking of Etsy. I have some new piggy banks in the shop that are ready to go.


  1. Sweet pig! Etsy is an awesome place to support handmade.

  2. I love the list...and carry an ongoing one on my phone in "notes." Glad to hear your Etsy experience is so positive!


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