Sunday, March 18, 2018

Some things just take time

Remember these?

I finally got them finished!

I made them in January. They took forever to dry and get into the bisque kiln. Flat things take up a lot of real estate in the glaze firing and things that aren't orders are last on the list to get in the kiln.
My original thought was to glaze all of them in ash glaze. At the last minute, Jeff convinced me to do two in the green glaze. I am really glad I did because I am loving the contrast of the green with the un-glazed rim. The clay is STARworks East Fork.
Modeled after the Jeff's coaster design, these are a nice lunch plate size, about 8 1/2". Lets see if I can get the next round of them finished more quickly.


  1. I love the green and unglazed one too!

  2. So lovely, glad you told me the size, I was thinking coaster and how that carving was so tiny...this is much more believable! More More!


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