Monday, March 26, 2018

Is it Spring yet?

I think this is the coldest March that I have experienced since moving to North Carolina. This weekend we needed to get the kiln loaded for a bisque firing. Saturday was spent outside in the kiln shed shivering, while sanding and loading pots. It wasn't a very pleasant day, but we had the kiln loaded by 5:00 pm and Jeff bricked the door before dark.

We have quite an assortment of pots in the kiln. I had an order for a sheep so I made a few. The smaller, roundy ones are rattles. Lots of ginkgo carved pots, and the usual piggy banks and vessel sinks.

Hey... what happened to my tail? Oops. How did I forget that? I will have to get creative with him. Maybe I will paint a tail on with under-glaze! Luckily he is not an order, but an extra.

Despite the chilly weather there are signs of Spring in the yard. Friday was a sunny day and while hanging out laundry (yes I do that, and actually enjoy it!) I noticed the iris were blooming near the clothesline. I love irises and we only have white ones here at 505. I have to remember to plant a new variety this year. I am not even sure what time of year they are planted I guess I will have to "google" it.


  1. Super gingkos, and pigs, and such cute sheep. Yes, I think irises are fantastic flowers, though like tulips they bloom quickly and are gone.

  2. I think it is...but it doesn't feel so I'm procrastinating reading all the blogs...

    Nice work


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