Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Garden of Eden

"EDEN" came out of the kiln yesterday. Isn't she sweet? The buyer made the perfect choice of color and carving for a little girl named Eden.

March was the month of the big piggy bank. Most every order I had was for our large size bank. The larger piggy banks are about 8" in length and 7 1/2" from hoof to ear. 

The problematic part of making larger piggy banks is that you can't stand them on all fours until the legs have stiffened some. I typically put legs on a few then let them rest on their butts for any where from a half hour to an hour, depending on humidity. The trick is not to forget about them before it's too late to make leg adjustment. I try to get them as wobble free as possible.

After making a round of these hogs, our standard size seems so small to work on.

As soon as this kiln was unloaded we started to load it again for another bisque firing. April is a busy month with the Celebration of Spring Pottery Tour in a couple of weeks as well as our commitment to making 50 bowls for the Empty Bowls event for Second Harvest Food Bank. We are also excited that Jeff's son Matt is arriving tomorrow for quick visit! The extended family is coming for a barbecue lunch on Thursday. Matt leaves on Friday, and we have potter friend from NH arriving in the afternoon... just in time for FireFest at STARworks. Jeff and I are thankful that we now have a larger home to entertain in!


  1. Lovely piggys!!

    Good to have room for friends and family

  2. It sounds like busy days for you! My cousin named her daughter Eden, which I've always thought was pretty.


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