Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Saying Good Bye To June

I have been a terrible blogger this year. Jeff and I continue to make pots, cook great meals, and work on our gardens, but blogging seems to have been put on the back burner. I keep waiting for that spark that will ignite the flame for me to get back to writing.

Escargot Begonia

Hibiscus - I bought this in the Spring. It was my mother's favorite flower. Lately I have been dreaming about Mum three or four nights a week.

We finally had some tractor work done in the back lot and burned a lot of brush. Our garden looks a little scrappy, but we will work it some each year to make it more attractive. In the end it's the veggies we produce that really matter.

Arroz Borracho con Pollo (drunken chicken with rice) and chile rellenos with salsa rojas
Sorry for the out of focus photo!

I recently spent a Sunday afternoon icing a very swollen, bee stung hand. Since I was incapacitated I watched a couple of cooking shows on PBS. I really enjoyed Pati's Mexican Table and decided that as soon as my hand was working again I would make the dishes she demonstrated on the episode I watched. I knew the arroz borracho con pollo would be easy... I wasn't sure about the chile rellenos. In the end the chiles and the salsa rojas were time consuming but not difficult... and worth the effort! I can't wait to make the salsa rojas with our own garden tomatoes. Here is a link to the website with recipes from the show: Pati's Mexican Table

So I have finally put some words out here on the internet and the only connection to pottery is the plate in the last photo! The plate has a little history. It's the first plate that Jeff made that he was really happy with and kept for himself. He made it when he was living in Wilmington, NC. That makes the plate about 34 years old. I imagine that means it is either vintage or an antique.


  1. Isn't it great to enjoy the fruits of our labors...especially a piece of pottery which has lived with us and was well made. Great sounding food too. Yes, gardening has both the immediate needs fulfilled, and some that last over the years, as the earth cycles around and you improve it each year. I'm glad to see you back here on the blog!

  2. How cool is that begonia?! I'm excited to see your garden. If it's like ours, it will always be a work in progress, but you can't beat homegrown.

  3. I didn't blog all last year and when I closed the gallery I was excited to get back to blogging but it's summer and I'd rather be outside so my blogging is a bit lame, but I am blogging in my head while I am weeding or spinning pots :) Sometimes a quiet break is much needed....... and that begonia is amazing!!! Put it next to the plate of a food and I'd say you're doing things just right ......:)


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