Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Stepping Into The Craft...

Each Saturday in Seagrove many of the potters are offering mini workshops, classes, and demonstrations. Last Saturday, Jeff and I offered three, one hour group pottery lessons. They filled up so quickly that we had to add another class at 6 pm.

We had a mix of kids, families, and groups of friends. There were lots of laughs and lots of clay everywhere. I think everyone had a great time.  Jeff and I were up early the next day to wipe down shelving and mop the floor.
Next weekend is our anniversary event. Can you believe that we have been in Seagrove for eight years? We will be doing demonstrations as well as serving some Asian teas, including matcha, midday. Jeff will talk about the Korean tea ceremony and all the parts and pieces that go along with it. You can see more details in the right sidebar of the blog.

We are enjoying a reprieve from the heat and humidity that we have been experiencing since what seems like mid-May. It's been wonderful to have windows open and feel the fresh air. 

The blackberries are prolific this year, along with the Japanese beetles that love them.

Thankfully, it seems we have enough for us and them.

Stepping into the Craft - Saturdays in Seagrove
When: Every Saturday in July
Where: Participating pottery shops in Seagrove, NC
Click Here for Details: DiscoverSeagrove


  1. Glad the heat broke and everyone had fun at your workshops! Great to grow community support for your craft!

    Looks like you are sharing your blackberries with both June Beetles (green) and Japanese Beetles (smaller, darker). Both can be serious pests. If you drop those into a bucket of soapy water, you may have more blackberries (and other garden bounty) to enjoy next year!

    1. I thought they were both Japanese beetles, and that the big green ones were a larger variety! Thank you for letting me know the difference. There are so many we can't even keep up with picking them off. Luckily we have a lot of bushes in various locations.


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