Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Marathon Is Over

The last two weeks were crazy and stressful. We fired the gas kiln twice and the weather was definitely not on our side. Lots of rain melted the snow very quickly, and then it continued to rain. Walking through our yard is like walking on a giant wet sponge. In no time at all the short path from our basement glaze room to the kiln, was a slippery muddy mess. We had a couple of casualties when Jeff slipped while carrying a board of green ware to the bisque kiln. Luckily, Jeff was not one of the casualties. Despite the weather, we managed to get everything shipped a day ahead of the USPS Priority mail deadline. Wednesday night I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that everything was now out of our hands. If anything arrives late... we can blame the post office.
As soon as the yard dries up, we will order some gravel and create a path to the kiln. Hopefully it will keep the mud down. It was really looking like a pigsty out there.

Speaking of pigs. These were some of the popular piggy banks this holiday season...

I made more large size banks this year. Seems like dots and spots are popular.

Personalized piggy banks are always big sellers. There were some really pretty greens and whites in the last two firings.

There won't be much down time this winter. We still have a list of orders to make, ranging from piggy banks, mugs to vessel sinks. I am planning to take a week off mid-January. I am heading to New England to spend time with my girl in Connecticut and then my Dad and sister in New Hampshire. I got a great price on a flight because most people head South not North in January!


  1. Glad that Jeff didn't have anything worse than mud do you figure you invited pigsty-ness with all your pig productions? Joking of course. They are so clean and cute, no mud for them! Enjoy a time in New England.

  2. Those are some great pigs! It's a mucky mess here too. Glad Jeff wasn't hurt. Happy Holidays!

  3. LOve those pigs!
    Merry Christmas to you and Jeff!


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