Saturday, May 11, 2019

Give Me Some Color!

My kitchen peninsula is my painting work station. Since I have to walk by it multiple times a day, I find myself stopping for a "minute" to tweak whatever I have in progress. I have to be careful because that minute  can easily stretch to an hour!

Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper

Still a little more work to do on this tile

Last night I finally got around to experimenting with alcohol ink on ceramic tile. It's definitely a little different than the yupo paper. The inks really shine on the tile, although it is hard to tell in the photo. We have a tile attachment for our extruder and last month Jeff extruded a bunch of tiles. I applied white slip to a few and then glazed them in our translucent glaze. I applied the slip so that the tiles would be a bright white instead of the gray color of the stoneware we use. Commercial tiles from the big box store would be an affordable and easy option, but I sort of liked the idea of all of the components being done by hand. The tiles will need to be sprayed with Kamar museum quality varnish to protect the surface. You can use the same coating on yupo paper, but if you are framing under glass there really isn't a need for it. If you want to use them as coasters they can be coated with resin. The cost of resin is crazy and I am not sure I want to get into that... yet. :-)

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